Visit the League's Player Page

Note: two players may only pair if both of their registrations are "active". If one or both players haven't paid or been moved into the league yet, you'll just have to wait until that happens. If your registration isn't active, you will not see the "Invite to Pair" button show below.

Either through a link on the homepage or from the Leagues page.

On that page, select the "Players" link.

Find the player you want to pair with

1. Use the filters to narrow down the list on the right.

2. Clicking the "hide unavailable players" link will exclude players from the listing who are already paired or on a pod or core

3. Click the "apply filters" button to update the players list. The "clear filters" button will reset everything back to default.

4. You can sort the results using this button

5. You can page through the results set using the links at the top or bottom of the listing

6. Clicking a player will update the column on the right

7. If this player is available to pair, there will be a button. Clicking "Invite to Pair" will send the player an email asking them to confirm the pair.

The other player will receive an invitation email

If you receive a pair request, you can accept or decline it by visiting your invitations page. There's a link in the email to that page.

Visit your Invitations Page

In your player drop-down, choose the invitations link.

Accept, Decline, or Cancel invitations

1. You can choose to Accept or Decline invitations that you have received

2. If you have any sent invitations, those will appear below, and you can cancel any that are still pending.