About gRank

The AFDC has generated a quick survey to help ascertain a player's abilities on the field. The goal of the survey is to put a player's past experience in context and on a level playing field with other players and to try to eliminate some of the uncertainty that comes from self-ranks.

gRank is not perfect. It's goal is to get within 0.5 points of your hypothetical, real, objective rank. It does this pretty well most of the time. In cases where it doesn't, talk to the league commissioner about getting a more accurate rank on your registration.

Visit your Profile

Once you're logged in, click the "Your Profile" link in the drop down menu.

Click the "Update gRank" link

1. Your active gRank score as well as the month and year in which that survey was taken are displayed.

2. To update your score, click the "Update gRank" list


It is important.

Once you've read, understood, and agreed to the intro, click the button.

Describe your level of expertise

Answer the two or three questions based on your experience

1. The rank that your current answers result in will be displayed at the top.

2. Some of these categories may not appear for all experience levels

3. Once you're happy with your answers, submit -- you'll be taken either back to the profile page or the league registration you were starting on

(If you need to start over, just refresh the page)